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Bridal Beauty- My top 5 tips for being wedding day ready

Congratulations, you’re getting married! You will know that in the lead up to your wedding it can often feel like there are endless tasks to organize and things to plan.  I think that your wedding day beauty prep is no different.  Over the years I have been asked countless times for what to do on the beauty side of things in the lead up to a wedding to have a brides skin looking and feeling great so I have put together some of my top tips for the lead up to your big day;

  1. Book in a makeup trial with your makeup artist. This is a great way for you to get to know your makeup artist, discuss the look that you have in mind (or get insight into what will be best) and wear the trialled look to see how you feel and how it lasts. Being comfortable and confident on your wedding day is so important. That’s why regardless whether the bride is an avid makeup wearer or for those who rarely wear much at all it’s a great opportunity to be on the same page and take away any apprehension leading up to your wedding day.

I often tie in a Brides makeup trial with their engagement photo shoot or bridal kitchen tea. This is handy so they can see how the makeup looks on camera or just make the most of being glammed up. The makeup trial is also a good time to discuss things like- if you will have a spray tan or be getting eyelash extensions for the wedding day)


  1. Treat yourself to a facial or two. If you haven’t had a facial before (or it’s been a while) then lead up to your wedding is great time to re visit an aesthetician. There are endless things to spend money on when planning a wedding but i do believe your skin is one area it’s important to prioritize. Quite simply the better your skin looks the better your makeup will look and wear and in turn I think this will enable you to feel great and confident on the day and love the look in your wedding photos.

I recommend booking in a facial 3-4 months before your wedding to discuss skin needs and get a treatment that’s right for you. That might be exfoliation in the form of micro dermabrasion or chemical peel, recommendations on products for your skin- maybe hydrating or brightening serums/ moisturisers and maybe other treatments like brow shaping, tinting or derma planning (safe, painless removal of the peach fuzz hair on the face- sounds scary but you will have a smooth, flawless canvass for makeup ). LED light treatments are also popular for brides as part of a facial treatment. LED light treatments are a method of non-invasive skin rejuvenation (claiming to reduce lines and wrinkles, boost collagen production, and improve skin tone and texture). Then if your schedule and budget allows a final visit the week before your wedding for any follow-up tint, waxing and facial treatment.


  1. If facials aren’t in your budget consider adding a few extra steps/ products to your skincare regimen. Regular exfoliation to smooth the skins surface and remove dead dull skin cells will make your skin look healthy and your wedding makeup to look and wear more flawlessly (have a look at a post I wrote all about this ). Adding in a brightening serum is a great way to diminish pigmentation and make the skin more radiant and finally a good hydrating moisturiser will ensure your skin feels plumped and comfortable. 
  2. Drink plenty of water daily and consider taking a hair/skin/nails supplement. Before my wedding a friend recommended I took Silica to help strengthen my nails and give my skin a boost. Silica helps to create and maintain healthy collagen levels for hair, skin and nails. Look out for products containing; Silica, Zinc and Biotin as these are great vitamins for skin, nails and hair. Collagen is another popular product to supplement; as our levels of collagen start decreasing from the age of 25 it might be of interest to add a collagen supplement into your diet In the months leading up to your wedding. The benefits of collagen include improved skin texture, firmness and hydration, strong teeth, hair and nails,

  1. Pick your wedding lipstick. Your makeup artist on the day will of course apply lipstick, liner and/or gloss but keep in mind this will likely be hours before your wedding ceremony and reception begins. There will be lots of smiling, hugging, kissing and sipping in between and even the best longwearing lip products might need touching up. I recommend to anyone getting married to think about the lipstick (or gloss) they will want to wear on the day; a good time to find the colour that will be right for you is at your wedding makeup trial. I highly recommend once you ascertain the colour that’s going to be right for you on the day that you purchase it to have with you through the ceremony and reception. Allocate your bridesmaid or maid of honour to hold onto it and remind you to reapply! I planned my wedding lipstick months out from my wedding and was so busy enjoying my day I forgot to reapply (first world problem I know but looking back at my photos I wish I had touched it up a few times). The benefit of purchasing the lipstick or product also means you can nostalgically wear your wedding lipstick again and think of all the great memories.


Thanks for reading and all the best for your wedding planning and preparations.

Ivy x