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October beauty favourites

Its spring time and I’m definitely enjoying the longer days filled with more sunshine and slowly warming temperatures. My skincare and beauty favourites this month are mostly new finds that I have been enjoying.


My skin on my face and body really gets hit hard by the winter months of colder temperature, hot showers and my laziness when it comes to making the time to apply body moisturiser (I thankfully stay mostly on track with applying my facial skincare).  A product that I have recently been loving is a new one from Trilogy Natural Skincare. They launched their Age-Proof Overnight Mask a couple of months ago and as the name suggests it’s designed to be an intensive, nourishing overnight mask.  It’s packed full of pure plant oils and a new super ingredient called L22 which is said to help mimic the skin profile of a 22 year old. Considering I have just turned 30 I will take all the help I can get to hold onto (or rediscover) that early twenties skin.  Initially I was sceptical about how a leave-on mask would feel as my face touched the pillow to go to sleep however I realised quickly upon applying it with my fingertips (much as I would a typical night cream) that it absorbed nicely into my skin. It didn’t leave any thick residue or tackiness and most importantly didn’t leave me feeling greasy. It was exactly what my skin needed and every morning that I wear this my skin looks radiant and perfectly hydrated. My only regret is that I wish I had been using the Trilogy Age-Proof Overnight Mask all winter long but it’s been fantastic for the last month and a bit.

We have had a few lovely sporadic warm spring days that have called for wearing shorts and tee shirts. My pale skin isn’t ready to see the light of day or more like the light of day isn’t ready to see my pale skin so I recently purchased and have been using a NZ made product called Little Honey Flawless Bronzing Mist. It claimed to have provide natural looking colour and (most importantly for me) a 10 second drying time. I like to apply tanner before bed and this product was fantastic for drying quickly and leaving no sticky or thick residue on my skin or bed sheets. YAY! I have even added a spray into my facial moisturiser and applied to my face and neck. The next morning I wake up with a lovely bronzed tan and my face is consistent with my arms and neck and had achieved a lovely natural glow. I will continue to use this all spring and summer long to achieve lovely bronzed skin without the sun damage.

Before I went to Fiji last month I wanted to get a new facial SPF to use on holiday and over the upcoming summer months. I tried a few formulas and I really liked the texture, finish and wear of the Mecca Cosmetics To Save Face SPF 30. Its lightweight, non-greasy and wears well under makeup. I also tried a sample of the Mecca In a Good Light Face Tint with SPF30 and this was another similarly lovely formulation but with the added benefit of a sheer light tint and radiance reflect. I purchased a small size of the To Save Face which will be handy for weekends away over summer. Once I’m done with my current tinted moisturiser I will purchase the tinted version as a natural summer coverage with sun protection.

We all know that we should be replacing our cosmetics products regularly but do you know that mascara really should be replaced every 3 months!? TIP: think a new season a new mascara. So that’s 4 mascaras a year and can for some you might not want to pay a huge amount on a product that is going to be replaced again soon. I was in need of a new mascara and had heard many good things about the Loreal paradise Extatic mascara. This one is a drugstore/ super market find but I have really enjoyed the volumising yet separating brush wand. When used after curling my lashes it holds them lifted all day long without transferring onto my eyelids or under eyes. Such a good, inexpensive find.

My last favourite at the moment is bit luxe but I absolutely love how rich yet quick absorbing the Jo Malone London Wood Sage &Sea Salt body crème is. The scent is just beautiful and when I wear this on my arms and legs I don’t even need any perfume. My skin is dry and definitely needs some TLC after months of hot showers and neglect of moisturiser so I’m loving this light gorgeous scent and rich cream.